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New.. only slightly different.

Mmk guys... I'm a member in here under the username Seedsof_nothing.. I requested that my new username (bebopa_lula) be added.. bot no one acknowledged my request... So I'm gonna re-apply.. even though I'm already a member as the other user name....

`*..Name// Amanda
`*..Age/birthday// 15/January.7.1989
`*..Location// Simi Valley
`*..10 favorite bands// Gaetano Donizetti, Led Zeppelin, Dead Kennedys, Glassjaw, Every Time I Die, Misfits, Stray Cats, Tom Petty, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails
`*..Favorite movie(s)// Goodfellas, Gremlins, Goonies, Grease, Lost Boys, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Scarface, Stand By Me
`*..Do you drink// Nah... well.. only with my mommy<3.. we share
`*..Do you smoke/do drugs// oh gawd no.. I like being healthy thanks.
`*..Whats your sexual prefrence// I like men.. But I'm not afraid to admit when a girl is hot.
`*..Why do you think we should accept you?//Cause I was accepted before...? Nah.. cause I'm fucking awesome and I was at Jessica's house like a week ago. real reason: Cause I think I'm cool, and the people I hang out with think I'm cool, if you don't like me then I obviously shouldn't waste my time trying to pursuade you to think differently.
`*..Short summary of what your like// Random. Silly, I listen to music all the time, I love walking around, I am often worried I'm being made to look like a fool, I'm kind of passive, I can be a C-U-N-T (my fav. word) but I can be really nice also. I like to write and take pictures. I'm spontanious. I live by the phrase, if you care so much about your image, you will never live humility down that phrase enables me to do things others would like to do, but dot' have the courage to do.
`*..where will you promote the community?// My info.. and when I get bored I spam other communitys with our banner.. I've done it afew times with my other username..
`*..what is love to you?// love is not wanting to blink because your afraid to miss the sight of just one glorious moment with your significant other, being hooked on the other person, living only to be with them, when everythign else melts away and all you have is that one strong feeling that you can hold on to, the feeling that's there even when everything/one has abandoned you.
`*..what works you up so sexual?// Biting my neck.. gentle hair pulling.. when guys suck on my lower lip while making out.. hot.

Mmk pictures mhmm

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