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my heart is bruised but not broken <3 ps_ NEW lol

`*..Name// Leesa <3
`*..Age/birthday// 15
`*..Location// Simi Valley California
`*..10 favorite bands// Atreyu, Afi, As i lay dying, Bleeding through, Thursday, Throwdown, Everytime i die, Slipknot, Disturbed, Story Of The Year.
`*..Favorite movie(s)// duces wild, breakfast club, finding nemo, the butterfly effect, and of course ELF!!!!!!!!
`*..Do you drink//yep!
`*..Do you smoke/do drugs//no ciggs, but i take some pills*not recently my bf asked me to stop* and smoke herb <3
`*..Whats your sexual prefrence//i drive stick baby! w3rd! *that means boys only! sorry ladies i know u want some of this lol JK*
`*..Why do you think we should accept you?//because im fucking awesome? idk lol i dont think i am ugly..whatever you might.
`*..Short summary of what your like//im nice, anti-dramatic, outgoing, fun to be around, and always down for a good time thats about it i guess!
`*..where will you promote the community?//
`*..what is love to you?// i just recently fell in love for the first time with my fucking awesome boyfriend jeremy! its something you cant really describe in words..something you have to expierence to know how it REALLY is and now just how people say. but i will try and describe.. know that feeling when you first meet someboyd, and you like them alot and you have that butterfly-ie feeling in ur tummy everytiem you see them? well its like that is better nad lasts alot LONGER! also love is when you are willing to put that person first, you guys are both hungry you will give them your food so they are not. you guys are both cold you give them yoru know stuff like that <3
`*..what works you up so sexual?// lol..i fucking love it when im kissed on my neck, tummy and my ears..idk it makes me uh..aherm..all hot n bothered hehe ^-^

and here i am...

hehe im fuckin rad..w3rd!

im a movie star! waht bitch!?! lol

me playying on my bridge <3

me and my baby! *jeremy*

me randy and allie right after a fuckin kick ass show :) awesome times..

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