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`*..Name// Floral
`*..Age/birthday// 16/March 1, 1989
`*..Location// Salt Lake City, Utah
`*..10 favorite bands// 1- Bad Religion 2- American Hi-Fi 3- Me First and the Gimme Gimmes 4- The Cure 5- Lit 6- Cursive 7- The Faint 8- River City Rebels 9- Billy Idol 10- Unwritten Law
`*..Favorite movie(s)// The Fox and the Hound, Mothman Prophecies
`*..Do you drink// No
`*..Do you smoke/do drugs// No
`*..Whats your sexual prefrence// Straight..I think..
`*..Why do you think we should accept you?// I'm absolutely obsessed with sex, music, dancing and cars.
`*..Short summary of what your like// I'm full of energy, which makes me fun and crazy at the same time. I listen to a lot of emo, but I don't cry myself to sleep. :P I am very artistic and creative; it is my life.
`*..where will you promote the community?// on a bunch of my friends livejournals, on any other blogs I have, in other cool communities.
`*..what is love to you?// Simple.
`*..what works you up so sexual?// Rain.

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Me. Oh I know I look cool in sunglasses.
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My hand. 'Tis a sexy hand.
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My shoes and socks
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