_____slutbomb (_____slutbomb) wrote in so___sexual,

`*..Name// Jay Michael Libby
`*..Age/birthday// 16/ June 11, 1988
`*..Location// PLAINfield IL.
`*..10 favorite bands// Broken Spindles, The Faint, Beep Beep, Mars Volta, At the Drive in, Gravy Train, Hawnay Troof, Murder By death, Mindless Self Indulgence, Bayside.
`*..Favorite movie(s)// Pooty Tang, and Taxi amused me for some reason.
`*..Do you drink// Nope.
`*..Do you smoke/do drugs// No need to.
`*..Whats your sexual prefrence// Straight for sho.
`*..Why do you think we should accept you?// Because im always worked up so sexual.
`*..Short summary of what your like// Well. sometimes im wierd... hence the pics. I have friends that egg it on.... blah blah blah.
`*..where will you promote the community?// How about on my friends lj's
`*..what is love to you?// Undescribable
`*..what works you up so sexual?// The Faint ....Cha.

My crotch. And all the gals flocking to it.

Its okay to love Oranges.... Right?

Maby....I was getting worked up so sexual..Just maby.
Or. I have a door fetish.

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